The truffle is a fungus belonging to Tuberaceae family, class of Ascomycetes. Truffles have a fruiting body that has a variable shape up to 40-50 cm in depth and grow in the soil next to the roots of some trees mostly oaks, live oaks and hornbeams. In Umbria there are various species of truffles: white truffle, black truffle, the summer and the winter scorzone, the winter white truffle and black truffle and the muscat truffle. The penetrating aroma occurs only when the truffle is ripe. The harvest is done with the help of a dog, and before use, it must be thoroughly and gently cleaned with a toothbrush to avoid soil particles.
Inside the Protected Natural Area in the Mount Subasio Park there is an enforced regulation for issuing the tuber harvesting permits.
Recommended Recipe:
Beef tenderloin with black truffles
Ingredients for 4 people
– 800 gr tenderloin
– Butter – extra virgin olive oil – balsamic vinegar
– Black truffle shavings, salt and pepper.
Heat a pan suitable for cooking meat and sear the tenderloin, brush with butter and finish cooking on the grill (should remain red inside). Put olive oil, salt and pepper and drops of balsamic vinegar into a dish, emulsify everything with a fork, add the truffle shavings. After cooking the tenderloin cut it into many slices, dip in the prepared sauce, put them on a dish and serve hot.