Spelt is an ancient grain that has an important nutritional value. In fact, it contains more than 50% of carbohydrates, a good percentage of protein and 3% fat, as well as minerals and vitamins. Spelt promotes blood clotting and stimulates at the same time, the immune system; it is suggested for persons who have weight problems because its consumption gives a feeling of satiety. Spelt is sown in the autumn and the harvest takes place in the summer (the cultivation technique is similar to that of grain).
Recommended recipe
Chickpeas and spelt
350 grams of chickpeas,
150 grams of spelt,
1 small onion
1 carrot
a stalk of celery
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
Soak the spelt in water for at least a couple of hours and the chickpeas overnight. Boil the chickpeas in salted water. Meanwhile chop and saute the vegetables in olive oil. Then add the chickpeas with two liters of their cooking broth and add the spelt. Cook for another 40 minutes, stirring and adding salt. Serve accompanied with olive oil and pepper.