The first center of the castle of Tordibetto dates back to the Middle Ages. Initially it was used mostly as a container for storing wheat, and was composed of a single tower owned by a certain ‘Bectus Menneci’. In the fourteenth century the tower was enlarged and in 1550 took on its current structure becoming a real castle, with four massive towers that dominate the valley below.
It underwent new renovations and expansions in 1577. In 1720 the castle belonged to the military Corporal Giuseppe Rossi who passed the property to his heirs.

For a long time the Tordibetto Castle was dependent on the Beviglie castle located a few hundred meters away at a higher elevation.
On the inside stood a chapel dedicated to San Bernardino, its name inherited by the current parish built in 1488 outside the walls and completely rebuilt in 1795. In the church you can find a painting by Benedetto Bandiera with the Madonna of the Rosary (1607) and the Virgin with the Son between Saints by Francesco Appiani (second half of the eighteenth century).