Tordandrea is a village of Assisi, which is about 6 km. from the historic center.

As in other places around Assisi, we have no information of the ancient Roman presence, but the first testimonies on the turris di Andrea by Paolo dell’Abate date back to the thirteenth century. Towards the middle of the 1400s the main part of the town was “incastellato”, enclosed within the protective walls. From 1443 to 1600, Tordandrea fell under the domain of the Baglioni family. With the rule of the Baglioni, Tordandrea was given a special status (the Riformanza, 1534), which regulated the legislative and legal aspects (heritage, borders, taxes, etc.). The Lanti Marquis, succeeded the Baglioni, and then ceded the town in 1619 to Assisi.