The name of Torchiagina appears for the first time in 1521 to indicate the town that had been formed by the owners of the Tower: Turris Clasina. Before that the town was simply called Chiagina or Clasina.

Clasina was a small medieval village built alongside the ruins of an ancient Umbrian-Roman village: Casalino.
In the Middle Ages Casalino progressively grew along the Chiascio River near the Tower and began to be known by the name of Clasina.
At the time of St. Francis, after the fights between the nobility and the people of Assisi there was the liberation of the servants, and Clasina had the opportunity to develop into one of 51 districts of Assisi in 1232 that consists of 31 hearths (households) with about 200 people.
The Chiascina Tower then passed into the hands of the Baglioni family and then to Fiumi family. The two families, Baglioni and Fiumi, continued fighting over it for a long time.
In 1992 it was bought by the association of voluntary service Alveare which restored it for using it for social rehabilitation and socio-cultural activities.