petrignan011In 1200 Petrignano was a village inhabited by a few people who were dedicated mainly to agriculture. In 1300 the first bridge over the river Chiascio and the Castle were built.
The Bridge and Castle were very strategic, so Assisi and Perugia fought long over them.
Both the Castle and the Bridge suffered repeated destruction and had to wait until 1875 for the restoration of the old bridge. Finally the Germans came in June 1944 to destroy them again with a bombing. The current structure was rebuilt the following year in 1945.
The Petrignano Castle is one of many in the Assisi countryside castrates, and that is proudly displayed by east tower, which was built for defensive bulwark at the point of greatest passage of armies and pilgrims going to the Franciscan citadel.
Every year, the Living Nativity is held in the alleys of the castle. The representation involves all the inhabitants that mount the sets, create the costumes of the time and impersonate the historical protagonists of the nativity.