Due to the form and remote location of Mount Subasio, the main road touches the edges of the state road SS. 75 connection between Foligno and Perugia to the west, with state road SS. 444 Assisana that reaches Gualdo Tadino to the north, and not far to the southeast side, lies the state road SS.3-Flaminia. The roads leading to the Park are essentially represented by links between the historic towns of Assisi, Spello, Nocera and Valtopina with the smaller towns located on the hills. These roads have mainly a touristic function like the one that connects the center of the city of Assisi – Porta Cappuccini – Hermitage of the Prisons, the Abbey of St. Benedict and the top of the mountain.
Also from Assisi, namely from Perlici gate, through the state road SS. 444 first and then turning right, you will find Ca Piombino, the Park headquarters, and continuing the climb up to Costa di Trex, you will reach Spello touching first the smaller historical towns of Armenzano, San Giovanni and Collepino.
The road between Assisi and Spello which follows the ancient wagon cart route has special features and characteristic panoramic views. It is visited by tourists to reach the summit meadows of Stazzi on the Assisi side and the sanctuary of the Madonna della Spella on the Spello side.
Also along this route there are Mortaro Grande and Mortaro Piccolo, dry sinkholes located near the top of the mountain, used in past centuries, to produce snow compressed ice to keep until the summer.
Next to this main road, that can be traveled by car, there is a number of branching paths arranged for walking or riding routes, especially starting from the villages of Costa di Trex, Armenzano, San Giovanni and Collepino, and allowing you to reach the meadows of the top hill.