Following a fortuitous discovery in 2001, in the basement of Palazzo Giampè in the historic center were performed excavations that have unearthed the remains of a Roman house, dating from the second half of the first century. B.C. and the first decades of the first century. A.D., composed of 13 rooms and a peristyle, with important mosaic floors and walls that reach a height of over 4 m., decorated with bright colors in Pompeian red and ocher and panels with scenes of family life. In one of the rooms was found a terracotta statue, a guardian deity perhaps depicting the god Silvanus, usually housed in a shrine called Lararium. Excavations continued in the basement of the neighboring Palazzo of the Cardinal, in a restaurant, where extensive mosaics with geometric decorations fitting perfectly together were found in the atrium related to the triclinium of the same domus extending for a total of 400 square meters in area.

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