From the crypt of the original cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore you descend to an underground environment that corresponds to a Roman house dating back to the first century. AD. Excavations made in the nineteenth century and in the 50s of the twentieth century have unearthed three adjoining rooms and a cryptoporticus, with floors covered with mosaics also important in opus sectile and the walls still partly covered with a refined decoration on a yellow background, one of which has a viridarium with birds in the bushes. On the walls are engraved numerous graffiti with poetic verses, one of which names a Musae domus; hence the attribution to the muse of poetry and the house belonging to the poet Properzio. But the lack of archaeological and historical evidence is inadequate with the certainty to endorse this hypothesis. So this is a house inhabited by an educated, wealthy person and a lover of good taste and elegance.

Piazza del Vescovado


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