The church of San Paolo was a Benedictine priory dependent on the monastery of San Benedetto del Subasio. It was founded in 1071 by Abbot Eginaldo. From 1581 it was the seat of the art of shoemakers. It is currently held by the brotherhood of San Rufino.

The entrance is on the right side of the church. Above the portal is a fresco of the late sixteenth century attributed to Dono Doni, with the Saints Paul, Benedict and Lorenzo Giustiniani,  and emblems of the monks of San Giorgio in Alga. The interior retains the original Romanesque structure with a single nave with a cross vault, divided into seven bays by arches supported by columns; in the third bay there are two chapels. In the terracotta floor are shaped two swords, attributed to St. Paul, and the instruments of the shoemakers, sole, awl and skiving knife.