Three hundred Jews saved thanks to the Franciscan welcoming spirit of Assisi. On entering the rooms Vescovado, Santuario della Spogliazione  (Assisi, Piazza Vescovado, 3) which is home to the “Museum of Memory, Assisi 1943-1944” it breathes just this feeling.
A feeling that takes you back in time, to the terrible period of the Second World War when displaced from all over Italy and Europe arrived in the seraphic city to seek help. The exhibition, conceived and curated by Marina Rosati, with texts by Annabella Donà and carried out by the Opera Casa Papa Giovanni, foundation of the Curia of Assisi, is made up of unpublished documents, photos, awards, papers and objects of that historical period and the various characters that personally saved the Jews. There is talk about Don Aldo Brunacci, founder the Opera Casa Papa Giovanni that over the years has kept alive this memory, the then bishop, Monsignor Giuseppe Placido Nicolini, who pulled the ranks of the clandestine organization that spontaneously had been created, the father Rufino Niccacci, friar minor, father Superior of the convent of San Damiano, the mayor of Assisi, Arnaldo Fortini, the German Colonel Muller, of the religious orders, the Conventual friar father Michael Todd and all the others who did their utmost to save the lives of many people, otherwise destined for deportation. One important area is of course dedicated to Louis and Trento Brizi, typographic Assisan who printed false documents for Jews and along with images and recognition is also exhibited the old printing press with drawer, cutter and stamps. This orchestrated ensemble of intentions and efforts made Assisi a major landmark, demonstrating the Franciscan fraternity that is proper.
The show, in two languages throughout (Italian-English), in addition to the writings, also includes a video portion with interviews with some of the protagonists, collected before they died, they tell what they did directly to save Jews, as well as insights into the historical period.


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