It is one of the Pro Civitate Cristiana activities, the association of lay men and women, called Volunteers, founded at Assisi in 1939 by Don Giovanni Rossi († 1975) to help make known the figure of Christ and his message to men of our time. Besides direct proclamation of the Gospel in various cities of Italy, in Assisi the association began the Course of Christian Studies, the publisher and the Rocca magazine, the conferences, and the Observatory as a center of documentation and study on the presence of Christ in history, art, literature. Thanks to the private patronage, since 1951 it was possible to build the Christian Citadel – as a laboratory for these activities and especially as a meeting place – with a hotel, a church, an auditorium, library, art gallery, terraces and gardens. Exhibitions, commissions, competitions, conferences, awards in major national exhibitions of art were the means to put the figure of Christ at the center of the inspiration of artists, believers and non-believers. Among these, the most important Italian painters and sculptors of the post-war period: Bodini, Carena, Carpi, Carrà, De Chirico, Gentilini, Greco, Pirandello, Rosai, Sassu, and even masters of abstraction – such as the American William Congdon – who participated in this extraordinary experience of Christian life. The current collection now includes about 2,500 works of painting, sculpture and contemporary graphics from about 700 artists. One subject in particular was proposed to the artists: Jesus Divine Worker, to shed light on a long unknown period – also for art – the life of Jesus and reflect on the meaning of what he shares in the daily life of each woman and man.

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