Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Assisi (Italy) are cultural and spiritual “symbolic places”, a reference point for humanity.

Both intimately linked to Saint James the Apostle and St Francis they have similar stories that formed them in the past and characterize them in the present.

St. Francis himself was a “pilgrim” in Compostela giving birth to a connection that comes up again in the union of the Pilgrimage to Santiago and the Way of Saint Francis.

Among the objectives, in fact, it is considered to be significant, with their values and symbolism, the establishment of the Way of Saint Francis – Cammino di Francesco – that joins the two cities in both directions.

The images and symbol of the two territorial communities also host important cultural, economic and touristic activities of national and international importance.

With this in mind the two cities are committed to enable mutual enhancement programs and develop any action to bring benefits to the people. The two cities are committed in their respective places, to provide reasonable communication of this sister cities relationship in order to promote its values and related knowledge to future generations.