The twin towns with St Francis was conceived by Arnaldo Fortini (at that time Mayor of Assisi) who arranged a ‘precious publication on the first Franciscan missions which founded the city of San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego on the American continent.

From the Franciscan Order was created, by paintings of Giotto and the Giottesque, the “European culture” and the “Canticle of Creatures” a dialogue of the friendship between “man and creation”.

Arnaldo Fortini dreamed about the sister cities Assisi and San Francisco to build a perfect bridge between the “New World” and the Seraphic land of St. Francis. A “new life” reminiscent of 1776 when a Spanish mission was founded San Francisco, drawing its name from St. Francis of Assisi.

San Francisco and Assisi have strong historical and spiritual ties in the name of St. Francis, ties of friendship and understanding between the people all over the world.