It took some folly and some actual instability to decide to open a theatre in the very heart of the city of Assisi in 2002. It originated as a sort of distraction from the dreaming spirit of Carlo Angeletti and his family who decided to revaluate a vacant space, long deserted, which deserved a second chance.

The theatre bills of the past seasons tell us about great protagonists of the national scene as well as young budding artists; generation after generation of actors, musicians, and different genres have been greeted with curiosity and admiration. We wish to offer quality performances with the spontaneity and urgency typical of all true theatre lovers. We are looking forward to continue writing, together with the audience, the history of this little and precious place, because the Theatre is the most beautiful game, where you can build, dismantle, and see in action our thoughts and emotions…only to go back and start all over again.

An endless game, getting more and more exciting.


(source: piccolo teatro degli instabili)