porciuncula2An absolute privilege of indulgence, recognized all over the world is the Porziuncola, which goes by the name of “Pardon of Assisi”, and for over seven centuries attracts thousands of pilgrims. Millions and millions of souls have crossed this “Door of Eternal Life” and have prostrated here to find peace and forgiveness in the great indulgence of the Porziuncola, whose feast day is celebrated on August 2nd (“Feast of Pardon”).
The most important religious aspect of the “Pardon of Assisi” is the great spiritual benefit to the faithful, stimulated, to enjoy its benefits, to confess and receive Holy Communion. Confession, preceded and accompanied by repentance for sins committed and the commitment to rectify their evil to get closer and closer to the evangelical life lived by Francis and Clare, a state of life begun by both at the Porziuncola.
The event of Pardon of the Porziuncola remains a manifestation of the infinite mercy of God and a sign of the apostolic passion of Francis of Assisi. As St. Francis asked and obtained the indulgence of forgiveness
On one night of the year of the Lord 1216, Francis was immersed in prayer and contemplation in the chapel of the Porziuncola, when suddenly in the ‘little’ church swept a great light, and Francis saw above the altar, the Christ coated with light and to his right the Holy Mother of Christ, surrounded by a multitude of Angels. Francis worshipped in silence with his face down to his Lord!
They then asked him what he wished for the salvation of souls. The response of Francis was immediate: “Holy Father, although I am wretched and a sinner, I pray thee that all those who repented and confessed their sins and who come to visit this church, be granted full and generous pardon, with a complete forgiveness of all sins”.
What you ask, of Francis, is great – Lord said – but you are worthy of bigger things and you will receive more. I therefore welcome your prayer, provided you request the Pope my vicar on earth, on my behalf, this indulgence”.
Francis went immediately to Pope Honorius III, which during those days was in Perugia and with candor told him the vision he had. The Pope listened with attention and after some difficulty, gave his approval. Then he said: “For how many years do you want this indulgence?”. Francis answered: “Holy Father, I’m not asking for years, but souls”. Happily he departed toward the door, but the Pope called him: “Do you not want a document?”. Francis replied: “Holy Father, your word is enough for me! If this indulgence is the work of God, he will think in manifesting his work; I have no need of any document, the document is the Holy Virgin Mary, Christ the notary and the Angels witnesses”. A few days later together with the bishops of Umbria, to the people present at the Porziuncola, with tears said: “My Brothers, I want to send all of us in Heaven!”.
(From “The Diploma of Teobaldo”, FF 3391-3397)
(for you or for the deceased)
This indulgence is lucrative, for oneself or for the souls in Purgatory, only once in a day, for the entire year and only one time, on August 1st from noon until midnight the following day, or, with the consent of the Clergy, the previous or following Sunday (from noon on Saturday until midnight on Sunday), by visiting any other Franciscan church, minor basilica, cathedral or parish
The conditions to receive pardon are those prescribed for all plenary indulgences i.e.:
To receive grace from God, sacramental confession (eight days preceding or following);
Participate during Mass and Eucharistic Communion;
Visit to the church of the Porziuncola (or another Franciscan church or parish church), to recite prayers. In particular:
The CREED, to reaffirm ones Christian’s identity;
OU FATHER, to reaffirm ones dignity as the son of God, received through Baptism;
A PRAYER THROUGH THE INTENTIONS OF THE POPE (for example Our Father, Hail Maria, Glory Be), to reaffirm ones commitment in the Church, whose foundation and center of unity are the Roman Pontiff.
(source porziuncola.eu)