palio san rufinoThe Crossbowmen Company of Assisi, on the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of August celebrates its “Palio di San Rufino”, in which the crossbowmen are divided into three groups competing for victory (San Francesco, San Rufino, Santa Maria). The winning team gets the “Drappo” (cloth) painted by a national artist.
The archer who wins the event with a dogwood bow, as well as fastest fire rate with a single shot receives the silver leaf spring, the “calzabraga” and the title of city champion for one year.
The feast involves all participants in epic costumes of the Companions for which, during those days, there are exhibitions, conventions, medieval banquets and performances of all kinds with light torches.
The Flea Market of San Rufino is the historical re-enactment of the traditional town fair that was held in the days of the festival of the Patron Saint of Assisi. Ancient documents now preserved in the Town Library of Città di Castello mention this market as a significant event for the city of the “Poverello”. Today as then, the Crossbowmen Company of Assisi propose reviving those moments through the mastery of the local craftsmen and not only.