cavalcata di satrianoReenactment of the last return of St. Francis in Assisi. A large group of knights retrace the journey made by St. Francis, seriously ill, from Nocera, through Satriano and Pian della Pieve, to return in his city.
In 1226, towards the end of summer, St. Francis returned to Assisi seriously ill, after spending a period of time undergoing exhausting therapies for the relentless evil that afflicted him in the eyes: from Rieti he was brought to Siena and then to the convent of Celle in Cortona, and finally in Bagnara, nearby Nocera Umbra.
According to Franciscan Sources, the citizens of Assisi, were made aware of the seriousness of the illness, and sent a formal delegation of knights who brought back the Saint in a procession up to his hometown. Francis and the knights along the way stopped at Satriano, a village between Assisi and Nocera Umbra. Being hungry they attempted to buy something, but returned empty-handed, Francis said to them: If you haven’t found anything, it is because you have more confidence in your own flies than in your God. Go back to the houses where you already passed and humbly ask for charity instead of offering payment, for the love of God, and do not think that this is a shameful gesture or humiliating. That is a wrong thought, because the great Almoner, after sin, put all its goods at the disposal of the worthy and the unworthy, with generous goodness (Vita Secunda, Tommaso da Celano). (V.C.)
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